Solutional communication is far more efficient than problem-oriented communication. This assertive communication is based on adult-adult transactions and favors description without judgment, the expression of one’s desires and questioning. It is a communication which uses the strength of proposal of the other to move forward. But, it is a difficult communication to apply in practice. This is due to our educational system which has shaped us, whether parental, religious or school, a guilty system that uses the ‘you’ and most often goes in the negative.

Realizing this is already an important step. It will allow you to use it when you have exhausted the ploys to obtain a change in the behavior of your interlocutor. Solutional communication is an invitation to become more human. It is not cut off from an ethical approach.

With this] method, an entry through the language brings freshness to break the coagula = we made bad habits where we only rehash the problem without providing a solution. Instead of being comparable to a closed system, steeped in certainties, it is necessary to be able to withdraw in order to ensure that the language enters into itself and that the other himself ultimately advances the solution. Moreover, the solution comes more easily when it comes from the other rather than when it is imposed.